About Us


Who We Are?


At Adsroad Pass Limited, we are relentlessly focused on evolving our capabilities to deliver optimized AI solutions for advertising success. We offer a wide range of advanced algorithm and AI services tailored specifically for the ad tech industry.

Our mission is to collaborate closely with every advertising partner to craft the ideal customized AI solution to help them excel. We work closely with ad agencies, brands, publishers and more to deeply understand their unique ad goals and challenges.

Leveraging our team’s decades of unparalleled expertise in ad tech, we build innovative algorithms and AI systems that solve complex advertising problems and drive real results.

On our website, you can find the latest information about our company, specialized advertising services, and approach. Feel free to explore and learn more. If you would like to discuss how our AI solutions can optimize your advertising, please fill out the contact form or reach out to us directly. We look forward to partnering with you!